Royal Holloway Science Festival firing on all cylinders

sciencefestivalSchools, students, staff and the local community flooded onto campus just before Easter for Royal Holloway Science Festival. The Science Faculty, together with several Arts departments, threw open their doors for a week-long programme of activities including an opera about bees, a big bang chemistry show, stand up comedy, a pub quiz and a village fete! The Science Festival has evolved from Royal Holloway’s long-running annual Science Open Day which is a key fixture in the Surrey events calendar.

This year, around 2000 visitors – not put off by snowfall – came along to Festival finale Super Science Saturday to be greeted by staff and students from Royal Holloway’s science departments. An impressive array of exciting activities let visitors investigate whether soap bubbles always had to be round, whether hippos once lived in London and whether objects could really levitate, among other things.

The Department of Psychology took the opportunity to involve Festival visitors in their own research including asking whether people could tell the difference between a fake laugh and a real one.

Those who ventured into Founder’s Building found an eclectic array of performances, art installations and workshops at the Science Alternative Village Fete. Elsewhere on campus visitors were kept enthralled by performances from the Science Museum’s resident comedy duo Punk Science and Dr Hal and his Big Bang! Show, that had to be heard to be believed.


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